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Our unique combination of support, encouragement, small class size and personalized instruction can help your child academically thrive –
and confidently soar to new levels of success!

At Core Learning Center, we’ve created a safe haven where your child can achieve more and be more than they ever expected. In this judgment-free zone, they are encouraged to explore their strengths and overcome their weaknesses in a supportive environment that celebrates every success!
Core Learning Center takes pride in providing great service at great value. You’ll experience that through our:
 small “student-centered” classes
 caring, compassionate instructors
 ideal blend of traditional and online learning classes
 close alignment with your child’s daily school activities
 progressive, stimulating, fulfilling learning methodologies
 encouragement of self-learning gratification
Whether your child is overwhelmed by the rigorous Common Core Standards … needing to catch up to grade level … eager to exceed previous academic levels … or excited about reaching specific educational goals, Core Learning Center is their Learning Center. We’re here for them every step of the way – in every possible way.
That’s the Core Learning Center difference. And we’re proud of it!

What can the Core Learning Center system do for your child?
Call us today to discuss your child’s needs and goals.
Or visit: www.Harmoniccore.com

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