Does Your Child Need a Tutor?

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Does Your Child Need a Tutor?


How do you know if your child needs a tutor?

Are your child’s grades slipping?  Is your child not challenged in school?  Is your child’s school performance slacking?  Does your child often need help with homework?  Does the college your child wants to go to require high scores or tests to be accepted?  Does your child need to prep for standardized tests?

If yes, one-to-one tutoring may be helpful for your child.  Tutors can aid in preparation of testing and boost your child’s confidence.  Other benefits of having a tutor:

  • Tutors can work at your child’s pace. This is probably the number one consideration for seeking private tutoring. If your child is dealing with complex subjects a tutor will have the ability to unblock one area of learning to make way for further learning
  • Tutors can cater to a child’s pace and learning styles.  A personal tutor will be capable of catering classes to their preferences in which a teacher with 15-30 kids at once is simply unable to do. Private tutoring can prevent your child from being left behind in the education system which can often be all too familiar.
  • Tutors can work with core subject matter but also teach them vital study skills like time management, summarizing, and strategies for focusing on key words when reading or instructions from the teacher.
  • Tutors will work around the child’s schedule to best suit your child.

We understand that some subject matter can be challenging for parents: a tutor can alleviate this challenge for the parent by providing homework sessions in areas like advanced math, sciences, language arts and new technologies. Tutoring may reduce anxiety and stress in kids with social issues and for kids that have a complex about keeping up with the class. Tutoring is an effective way of learning. It comes with powerful advantages. Tutoring works, and has become very popular these days.  Studies are showing that tutoring can comfortably move a student one and a half grade from a low D to a C, or a low B to an A.

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