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Homework Club

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Doing homework shouldn’t be a hassle for you or your child. Everyone has trouble with school assignments from time to time. Whether it’s Physics or Algebra, past presidents or conjunctions, we are here to help. Let our expert tutors help your child navigate through those tricky questions. Core Learning Center offers as-needed “homework help” services to guide your child through tough homework assignments. Homework help is for students who need tutoring on specific homework assignments or an upcoming test, but not necessarily all the time.
Our homework tutors combine personal instruction with independent learning to ensure your child not only understands homework concepts, but also learns how to apply those skills. Homework time becomes a lot less stressful.

Homework Club Subjects

Don’t let the name Homework Club fool you, if you have an upcoming test for a class, we can assist with getting you prepared for that too! Our center offers help in Physics, Math, English and Social Studies.

How it Works

With our flexible scheduling options, your child can get help with homework at convenient times — including evenings and weekends. To schedule a homework help session, please visit: Homework Club Schedule

Our tutoring sessions are offered in groups of 3. Once you sign up for a package you may be tutored in any of the subjects that we offer.

Step 1: Choose the topic that you would like help in. If you are a first time visitor you will be redirected to choose one of our 3 packages ranging from 5 hours per month to 20 hours per month.
Step 2: When you purchase a package go to NEW BOOKINGS and choose a day and time that you would like your child to visit the center. You may choose recurring classes for up to the amount of credits you have purchased.  *All credits per package must be used within a 30 day period. Once you purchase a package you may choose tutoring for all subjects.

Step 3: Show up to class on the scheduled day and time.  Be prepared with the work that you would like to work on during the session.

Anytime you need tutoring help, simply visit Homework Club Schedule, sign in and book the class that you want to attend. Once you have paid your initial package, you can book without paying for as many classes as your credits will allow.

What your child can expect during a session

Our instructors will:
Provide help when your child needs it, including evening and weekend tutoring sessions.
Assist on difficult homework assignments, so your child not only learns the concepts, but also minimizes his or her frustration.
Help your child catch up with missed skills and lessons — and get ahead on new ones.
Motivate your child with instant feedback and recognition for every skill learned.

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