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At Core Learning Center, our goal is to give our students a comfortable connection to a mathematical mind-set based on conceptual understanding through reasoning. This level of comprehension will support and assist them for the rest of their lives.

This rigorous math program is fully aligned with Common Core principles and is designed to help children at all levels improve their math skills while at the same time boosting their learning confidence.

Our Core Math program strengthens the ability to use higher-order thinking to solve multi-step problems: those with more than one correct answer or that require analysis and explanation. Students learn the necessary foundational skills to excel in their school math school exams and standardized assessments.

 Our Process:

We begin by providing a free assessment to determine your child’s math skills according to grade level. Our Math assessment helps define each student’s strengths or weaknesses and also determines if they’re performing above average.

Following the assessment, we provide a free consultation to determine the academic needs of your child. Based on that evaluation we can place him/her at a comfortable starting point within our Math program.

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