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Studying for Exams


Studying for Exams

Studying for exams is very important for receiving good grades and achieving academic success.  Exams are used to assess your understanding of what you’re learning in class.  Some tips that can help….

  • Review your notes

You can be sure that you’ll be tested on material that you previously had exams, tests, homework assignments on, so before the exam, gather all your papers.  Don’t forget any notes that were taken also.

  • Create Study Guide

Prepare all of your notes, papers, tests, exams and resources into one place in a format that will help your system of studying work for you.

  • Study Space

Find the right study space that’s quiet and no distractions so you can focus on studying.  No phone, TV, cell phone, friends, etc.

  • Don’t be Last Minute

Have a set study time that isn’t the last minute before the exam, who needs the pressure.  A  week before the exam should be adequate time or two weeks is ideal.  This will allow time to study and ask questions if needed or to gather more information.  You’ll also be more inclined to retain the material without being rushed.

  • Study breaks

Studying can be very taxing so incorporating breaks in between studying will keep you from burning out quickly.  More reason to start studying early so you can pace yourself.  Get up and walk, stretch, drink water, breathe and regroup.

  • Get Quizzed

Have someone quiz you on the material.  This will reinforce what you’ve been studying and gage how well you’re doing the study and help you to identify any areas that you need to continue to work on.

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