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  • I can’t thank you enough for the highly personalized way in which you address the girls’ tutoring lessons. I appreciate the way in which you go the extra mile to accommodate their very individual needs, which has made all the difference in their academic success! What you offer goes well beyond the cookie-cutter / traditional tutoring or enrichment center. The truly individualized care and attention that each student enrolled in your center receives are the hallmarks of a center director who is genuinely focused on providing a value-and-results-driven educational enrichment experience.
    With sincere thanks,

    Rosita Presti

    I have known (the Director) for over two years. She is caring, professional and respectful of her multicultural population. Her honesty, integrity and sincerity are what I admire the most. My daughter is the recipient of (her) innovation. She understands that children, our most treasured gift, are independent, critical thinkers who can and will retain most information when implemented with skill and knowledge. Fana is a dedicated, loyal person who works tirelessly to assist whenever possible.

    Marcia Harris


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