Why CORE LEARNING CENTER is best for your child …

  • Smaller, more attentive classes

Our small class size eliminates the intimidation many students feel in large classrooms. They are more comfortable asking questions so they get more out of their class and become more confident in the school environment.

  • Holistic Approach to Assessing Foundational Deficiencies

Traditional tutors don’t have the skills or training to assess student strengths or limitation beyond the immediate work provided. They focus primarily on classwork, which doesn’t address foundational problems or deficiencies. At Core Learning Center, we assess your child to determine all areas in which they need help. Rather than applying band-aid treatment to mask the issues, we find the cause of the problem and, start there to move our way up.

  • Computer Education at Center and at Home – both at one price!

In addition to the instruction and guidance students receive in the classroom, they are encouraged to practice computer-based work at the Center. They will also get additional computer instruction and guidance for at-home supplementation – at no extra cost. This added value, exclusive to Core Learning Center, gives your child a leading edge that will serve them for life!

  • Close Alignment With Your Child’s School Lessons

Supplemental Education Services have larger classes. This makes it difficult for students to get the help they need when they don’t understand a particular concept.  Because many of these programs are franchised, much of the material is outdated. In fact, many of these services are not completely aligned with the new Common Core State Standards. While they may address foundational issues, there is often a disconnect between your child’s schoolwork and the supplemental work provided.

  • Blended Learning Programs

Replacing the boring book after book tradition offered at most supplemental education services, Core Learning Center provides blended programs. Your child learns in class with a live instructor – and will also have access to online practice for supplemental instruction. We take pride in giving our students multiple opportunities for mastering their studies – a more stimulating and successful way to learn.

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